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Voters Approve Pasadena ISD Schoolhouse Bond

Board of Trustees Call for November No-Tax Increase Bond Election
During the July 29 Pasadena ISD school board meeting, the Board of Trustees approved a November bond election.  The election will be Nov. 4.  A list of polling locations will be available closer to Election Day. The $175.55 million bond will NOT require a tax increase.

Bond Overview

Replacement Campuses  $  60,500,000 
New Campuses  $  46,100,000 
Renovations/Additions  $  54,450,000 
Facilities Management  $    2,500,000 
Technology  $  12,000,000
Total Package  $175,550,000

Proposed Projects

  • J. Frank Dobie High School 9th grade campus
  • Early College High School wing additions for Rayburn, South Houston and Memorial High Schools
  • Career & Technical High School expansion wing
  • Intermediate School #11 (Riverstone Ranch Area) provides relief to Thompson, Bondy and Beverly Hills
  • Elementary School #36 (near Minnesota and Almeda Genoa Road)
  • Replacement campuses for Mae Smythe, L.F. Smith and Pomeroy
  • New technology
  • Facility management

Completion Bond...The Future Facilities Committee in 2010 identified $400 million in building needs and cut $130 million so the bond could be done with no tax rate increase. The bond package completes the eliminated projects and adds one additional elementary school.

Tax Rate Implications...Because the state will fund approximately 41% of the bond and because the district had paid off older bonds, the $175.5 million bond program will require NO TAX RATE INCREASE.

Enrollment Growth...Projections show a 7% enrollment increase over the next four years. District growth will exceed 4,000 additional students. The bulk of the new development is in the South Belt area. All high schools are overcrowded and need relief. The growth creates a need for a new intermediate school, a new elementary school, and a ninth grade campus at Dobie.

Programmatic Needs...With the creation of the new Career and Technical High School, students have an opportunity to earn a job certification upon graduation from high school. For those interested in a college degree, the Early College High School program enables students to earn an associates degree from San Jacinto College at the same time they earn their high school diploma. PHS piloted the program. Now, renovations and new wings will allow us to offer ECHS programs at the four remaining high schools.

Career and Technical High School Expansion...Student and community interest dictates the completion of the campus master plan to add classrooms for 200 students.

Replacement Campuses...Three campuses built in the 1950s and 1960s need to be replaced due to infrastructure issues: foundation, roofs, sewer, water, and electrical systems. Overcrowding (too many classrooms in portable buildings) and lack of capacity for technology. Replacing Mae Smythe, L.F. Smith and Pomeroy elementary schools.